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Homeschooling Teen

The Truth About Socialization

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Affirmation. Whenever your kid jumps off the diving board, he will refuse to jump until he knows you’re watching. Then he’ll say over and over “Did you see it? Did you see it??” Whenever I taught piano lessons, at the…

It’s a nightmare scenario that many homeschool parents fear. The authorities coming in the dead of night and stealing your children away. All because you wish to educate your children as you see fit. On Aug 29, 2013, 20 German…

Ryan Gosling is the essence of “cool”. Homeschooling is the opposite of “cool”. At least, according to the stereotypes. But if you dig deep to find out how Ryan Gosling developed that independent “rebel” streak that makes him an icon…

Hey! I’m Mr. Austin

I founded The Homeschool Revolution with one specific purpose in mind – to inspire homeschoolers to be all they can be. I believe every child has virtually unlimited potential. All it takes for them to succeed is someone who truly believes in them. We encourage, inspire, and edify, to build up the next generation of leaders. We can all remember that “One teacher” who truly cared, was truly invested, and believed in us. I want to be that “One teacher” for my students.

Homeschooling can feel overwhelmingly daunting. But if you have a good friend to guide you, it’s suddenly easy.

We’re here to answer your questions. Join our FB group “The Homeschool Revolution” where homeschool parents and students from all over the world are sharing their secrets.

And email me at Homeschoolers stick together. So whether you’re thinking about homeschooling, or have been for decades, get plugged into the network and tell us your homeschooling story! I look forward to hearing from you!

2 Simple steps to A Full ride as a homeschooler