The Homeschool Revolution

About Us


What is the Homeschool Revolution?

Our mission is to build the next generation of true leaders through our online Public Speaking program and other outstanding online classes. We’re volunteer driven, and are proud to have 1000+ student graduates

Our classes are designed to be encouraging, inspiring, and ridiculously fun! Mr. Austin fosters a classroom environment where silliness is encouraged and everyone feels safe, taking baby steps out of their comfort zones. Students learn to express themselves freely and fully, building rock-solid confidence and presentation skills.

Who is Mr. Austin?

I was a homeschooler! The oldest of 5 siblings, I’m proud of our homeschool family’s success story. All 5 of us got full academic scholarships to our dream schools. All 5 of us got National Merit placement. Now as an adult, I’ve had the privilege of giving speeches all over the world. I’ve competed with the public speaking organization Toastmasters at the district and state levels. I’ve taught Public Speaking at Best Brains Tutoring Center in Allen, TX. And now I’m sharing my Public Speaking knowledge and experience with my young students.

Why online Public Speaking classes?

Public Speaking is the missing link in most homeschoolers’ education. If you can learn to speak with confidence and clarity, there’s literally nothing you can’t accomplish. We found that the perfect way to introduce young students to Public Speaking was through online classes. With a virtual classroom, speaking is less intimidating. But students can still present in front of a live audience, receive live feedback, and build their communication skills. Our formula for success in teaching our Public Speaking students is experience+encouragement = competence+confidence. We’re building up the next generation of leaders by teaching the most valuable skillset there is – communication skills and true confidence.