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Math Camp

Once a week class, 12-week Semester

Our Math Camp meets weekly, 60 minute classes, for 3 months. Every meeting starts with a math lesson, then we play a fun math game like Math Jeopardy, Around the World, and more! The curriculum includes a well-rounded overview of basic math skills geared for each age group, 1st-4th and 5th-8th grade. The class is fast-paced, encouraging, and fun!

Completed by 177 learners

Once per week for 12 weeks

6-12 learners per class

One click, full refund

60 Min per class

1-4th grade and 5-8th grade

$89 USD
per month (3 months)

Public Speaking Class Level 3

3rd semester. Level 2 completion required to progress

Math Camp

Fast-paced, engaging, and FUN way to learn Math - Meets Weekly for 3 Months
Suggest a time that works for you.

Class Description

Our Math Camp is designed to make Math fun! We cover a well-rounded overview of math concepts suitable for each age group, 1st-4th grade and 5th-8th grade. Mr. Austin’s teaching style is up-beat and encouraging. Your kids will have an absolute blast!

Think of our Math Camp as a supplement, not the core of your math curriculum. For a lot of kids, math can become tedious and boring. Our goal is to make math fun, exciting, and relatable to everyday life! Math lessons include a lot of silliness and humor. Our games like “Math Jeopardy” “Around the World” “Lightning Round” “Math Bingo” and “Math Tic-Tack-Toe” are competitive and social, making math exciting!

Some of the concepts covered for 1st-4th grade Math Camp:
-Overview of Basic Operations
-Introduction to Fractions
-Long Division
-Double Digit Multiplication
-Number Patterns
-Place Values

Some Concepts Covered in the 5th-8th Grade Camp are:
-Understanding Decimals
-Adding and Subtracting Fractions
-Simplifying Fractions
-Area of Geometric Shapes
-Perimeter of Geometric Shapes
-Volume of Geometric Shapes
-Math Hacks!
-Intro to Algebra

On Zoom! It’s the most reliable platform for online meetings, and it’s proven to be perfect for our program.

Parents are allowed to assist, but we don’t ask or require assistance from parents.

Notepad, pencil, and a positive attitude! You’ll need a device like a PC or Ipad with a webcam. Make sure your device has an internal microphone, otherwise you’ll need a headset. Good internet connection is also required.

We have students with a broad range of learning differences including dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, ADD and ADHD, severe anxiety/depression, Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s syndrome, and more. Mr. Austin has a way of being gentle, encouraging, and incredibly patient with all of his students.

1 hour of class time per week, and 30 minutes max of supplemental videos each week.

We don’t ask that students do any homework outside of class, apart from supplemental learning videos.


Our Promise – The most impactful online program your child has ever taken.


Mr. Austin

Mr. Austin homeschooled 2nd-12th grade, attended Harding U on a Full Academic Scholarship, and is the founder of The Homeschool Revolution.

Mr. Austin is a Public Speaking champion, having given speeches to crowds of 6k+ at Harding University. Austin has been an active member of 3 Toastmasters Intl Public Speaking Clubs in Dallas, TX.

Mr. Austin has taught public speaking and SAT prep at THEO homeschool co-op (Plano, Tx), and has taught math, english, and public speaking for Best Brains Tutoring Center (Allen, Tx). Austin has also coached a MathCounts team of 5th-8th graders at the district and state levels.

Academic Accolades:

  • National Merit Commended
  • Duke T.I.P. National Recognition Award
  • 99th percentile SAT Scorer
  • Perfect Score on AP Calculus Exam
  • MathCounts Coach at THEO Co-op


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